Ownership Transition and Exit

You own a successful business. But when it comes to succession planning you have more questions than answers: Who should I sell to? What is my business worth? How do I cut through all the noise?

To get answers you could attend a cookie cutter seminar put on by people who don’t know the first thing about your business.

Or would it make more sense to get an independent perspective that is tailored to your specific situation?

With nearly twenty years experience, I can help you achieve clarity under various succession scenarios:

  • Where family members are interested in stepping up, I can help facilitate an objective dialogue.
  • When you need a sense of your business’ value and salability, my research can get you answers.
  • If you receive an offer from someone wanting to buy your company, I can help you achieve clarity on what it means and assist with negotiations.

Interested to learn more about my process and approach as it applies to your situation?

Just Ask.