Succession Planning & Valuation

As a 3rd generation member of a family business, I could see that Andrew brought a real life perspective to my business situation. Not only did he understand the business and industry, he offered the benefit of his own experience in family business. He provided important insights into the valuation of the business, and helped me understand the fundamentals that would drive the value of the business higher in the future. Most importantly he helped me get clear on my different succession options, and to set priorities as I put my own succession plan into motion.
– J.B., President, 3rd Generation Family Owned Business

Sale to Employees and Business Succession Planning

Andrew’s experience and background provided us with invaluable insight and perspective on my Company’s strengths and weaknesses, on my plans to sell an interest in the business to key employees and ultimately how our company would be valued by outside investors. Most importantly he coached us to sell at the optimum time.
– Patrick Bermingham, President, Bermingham Foundation Solutions

Business Acquisition Advisory

Andy provided critical input and perspective on a strategic acquisition in our wine distribution business. He helped us identify and prioritize acquisition targets and initiate discussions with the target company principles. He also undertook the valuation analysis that was integral in helping us weigh the relative merits of each acquisition candidate being considered and in arriving at an appropriate offer price. Overall he was a great complement to the decision making process of our acquisition team, and a joy to work with.
– John Peller, CEO, Andrew Peller Limited

Sale of Business

After many years as a full service international freight carrier, and with no family members interested in taking over the business, we decided to sell. Andrew provided guidance during the entire process, including the preparation of selling documents, identifying and qualifying potential purchasers, managing the negotiation process and helping to co-ordinate our advisors in closing the deal. There were a number of twists and turns to the economy and the business that had to be dealt with during the selling period, but Andrew worked collaboratively with us throughout to assist our decision making and get the deal across the goal line.
– Peter Lyons, former owner, LMT Transportation Services

Ownership Succession Planning & Business Strategy

For a number of years we had struggled making headway with how to handle partner succession in our growing firm, even though the partners all agreed that succession was an issue. We retained Andrew to facilitate a one day management offsite meeting that we devoted specifically to the subject of succession. Andrew’s frank and interactive analysis helped us shift our perspective and open a new dialogue within the firm. In particular his proprietary research on peer group succession practices sparked a fresh exchange of ideas on how to tackle the partner succession challenge facing our firm. It was an important step forward in finding a solution to this vexing issue.
– D.C., Founding Partner, Financial Services Firm

Business Strategy and Acquisitions

As CEO my mandate is to continuously develop and grow our offering of health sector products and services. We retained Andrew to help identify and develop strategic growth and acquisition alternatives that would enable us to continue to lever the skills and competencies of our Group’s existing health sector business units. Andrew’s understanding of industry business models, his contact networks and his ability to open doors and establish rapport with key decision makers enabled us to establish priorities and position ourselves to achieve our long term growth objectives.
– EM, Chief Executive Officer, Diversified Health Services Group

Corporate Re-Organization and Merger: Software Distribution & Support

After 25 years in the business I recognized that we needed a plan for ownership succession and re-organization along business lines to bolster long term viability and market worth. We retained Andrew to assist us in exploring the sale of one of our  business divisions to key executives, while also investigating a merger of our other business division with a major competitor. Andrew undertook a valuation review that helped us understand how value should be allocated to each division of the business, and the implications for the overall value of the business. Ultimately we were successful in accomplishing our dual objectives. Andrew was integral to that process.
– Brad Porter, President, CAD MicroSolutions Inc.